Advice & Support for

First Home Buyers

Our Mortgages Advisors

Have access to a wide variety of lenders willing to make your new home a reality. We can advise you on the following areas taking the stress out of purchasing your first home.


KiwSaver, Welcome Home loans & Lenders.


Our mortgage advisors are able to educate you on how the mortgage process works and explain the advantages of the different lenders on the market. We can help you with the process of withdrawing your KiwiSaver funds and calculating whether or not you have access to a home start grant. If you have been contributing to kiwi saver for three years or more you could be eligible to get additional funds through the home start grant.

At Cartwrights we can help you complete your kiwisaver application forms, helping to take the stress out of applying for your loan.


Home Start Grant


Purchasing an exisiting home Could qualify for up to 


per member

Building A new Home could qualify for up to


Per Member


Welcome Home Loans

Is an initiative by housing New ZealanD


Cartwrights can help you apply for a welcome home loan. We have access to lenders that offer welcome home loans for first home buyers.  If you meet the criteria for a welcome home loan it allows the provider to lend on a lower deposit.  For more information contact one of our advisors, see below for the link to the welcome home loan website.


Second Chance Welcome Home Loans

To learn more about second chance welcome home loans contact one of our mortgage advisors. If you are a new couple or have been separated this could be an option for you.




Our advisors can negotiate on your behalf lower rates from your current lender or lender you wish to use.  By fixing your loans at the negotiated rate we can make sure you take advantage of this rate for as long as possible locking you in for a set amount of time.  When this rate comes up for renewal we can re fix it at a rate that suits you and your circumstances at the time of fixing.

Even if the rate you are wanting is with another lender we can help and support you through this change.  Use an advisor to get the best rates available on the market,  we have the skills and negotiation power to get you better rates then advertised.


Talk to an advisor

Contact one of our mortgage advisors to see what you could be eligible to receive. Getting you started with purchasing your first home is a priority here at Cartwrights. Contact an advisor today.