Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance takes the pressure off an already stressful situation offering you greater financial security for you and your families future. Trauma cover is insurance for serious illness or accident events that happen to you but are not fatal. Conditions covered by trauma insurance are serious and potentially life threatening. Trauma claims support your recovery and reduces the financial stress brought about by the event. Most of us experience a trauma at least once in our life time.  Most Trauma claims in New Zealand, are related to Cancer and Heart/stroke conditions, talk to your Adviser about what constitutes a minor / serious Trauma.


How would your family cope if you suffered a trauma diagnosis?


Trauma Insurance is designed to help alleviate the financial impact, So you can focus on your recovery.


The lump sum can help reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, create an investment fund to generate ongoing income, or enable business ownership to be restructured.


Spend The Money Your Way

If you are diagnosed with an illness the money can be used to pay for the treatment, making sure you rest and recover to the best of your ability. Like life insurance there are no conditions to how you have to spend the money. It takes the financial burden off you and your family at a time you need to be focused on yourself. 

Lump Sum Payment


Trauma Insurance pays-out a lump sum payment to you, to spend how you wish. Depending on the severity of your condition you may be paid a partial or lump sum pay-out. Talk to a advisor to clarify any questions you may have about trauma insurance.


Variety of Cover Available


There are a variety of trauma insurance policies available including multi-cover.mYou can get cover for unrelated conditions which may occur over the life of your cover.  A lump sum is still paid out on the initial diagnosis of this condition. For more information about the variety of covers contact one of our advisors at Cartwrights. 


Talk to an advisor

To learn more about how trauma insurance could help you secure you and your families future contact one of our advisors to discuss your circumstances. 


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