Existing Mortgages Or Finance Loans


Cartwrights are able to refinance your exisiting mortgages or finance loans either through a new lender or through your existing lender. The variation of interest rates could save you a lot of money over time, Our advisors are experienced in dealing with refinancing, giving you options that best suit you financial needs. Cartwrights can help you save money and pay off your debt faster.


Do you want a dedicated service that allows you to get on with your life? 


By Refixing you can


Get Better Interest Rates

At Cartwrights our advisors can negotiate on your behalf a better interest rate with your current lender or a new lender. By fixing your loans at the negotiated rate we can make sure you take advantage of this rate for as long as possible locking you in for a set amount of time.  When this rate comes up for renewal we can re fixes it at a rate that suits you and your circumstances at the time of fixing. Even if the rate you are wanting is with another lender we can help and support you through this change.  Use an advisor to get the best rates available for your circumstances, we have the skills and negotiation power to get you better rates then advertised.


Learn How To Use Your Equity

We can advise you on how to use the equity in your property to buy an asset or invest in other property. Did you know you may be able to use the equity in your home to fund your next big purchase? Contact a an advisor for more information.

Consolidate Your Debt

Cartwrights can help you consolidate your debt, refinancing the loans you currently have to fit your individual circumstances. Debt consolidation can make budgeting easier because there's only one loan to manage. For more information contact an advisor.


Talk to an advisor

If you would like to consolidate your loans, or refinance your mortgage contact one of our advisors to arrange a time to discuss the options available. We can help advise you on different lending providers in the market and getting a more competitive rate from your current lender.