Investment Property


Cartwrights can help arrange finance for investors from individuals - The Mums and Dads market purchasing their first rental property through to professional property investors. We have access to first and second tier lenders, buildings Societies and finance companies, who are all prepared to lend money for property investment.


Support your retirement & develop a sustainable income.


Negotiate & Refinance

Our advisors can help you evaluate the lenders on the market and help you negotiate the best rates and deals available for you. We can also help with fixing your loan so you can take advantage of the low rates for a longer period of time.


Assess & Refinancing

Cartwrights can help you refinancing exisiting mortgages with the intention to invest in another property. Our advisors have many lending options on the market that could fit your financial circumstances.


Talk to an advisor

Property investment is a great way to build up assets, but getting the right lending can be difficult. Here at Cartwrights we have experienced mortgage advisors who understand how important it is that you receive the right investment loans for your circumstance. We have a wide range of lenders available to our clients making your investments a reality. Contact an advisor today for more information about investment lending.