Covers The cost of a mortgage

Mortgage protection Insurance provides peace of mind that you will still be able to repay you mortgage payments if you were to become sick or injured.

If you have a mortgage then your repayments will likely form a significant portion of your monthly living expenses. Having monthly mortgage repayment means that if you are unable to work due to a sickness or injury then you have the comfort of knowing that you will not get behind in payments and can focus on getting well.


Details about the policy

Mortgage Repayment Insurance pays a monthly amount to you if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury to cover the cost of your mortgage. The amount you receive is determined by the amount you pay off your mortgage a month. An agreed sum insured is determined when the cover is put in place and this is the amount paid if you were to claim. Payments will continue until you are medically fit to return to work or your payment term expires. If you return to work on light duties or reduced hours you may be entitled to a partial payment.



Unable to work, the amount of money is paid straight to you. 


The amount you recieved is NOT off set by anything you are paid by ACC.


If your mortgage increases you are able to increase your monthly amount to match what you are paying, talk to an advisor to discuss this event.


Talk to an advisor


Contact an advisor to learn more about how mortgage protection insurance could help you. We can discuss the importance of protecting your home or investment property and ensuring it stays yours if you were to become sick or injured.