Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance offers cover from private medical procedures and treatments faster than you would receive them through the public system and provides you with a wider range of specialists and providers. Medical Insurance takes the stress out of worrying about the rising costs of surgical and medical treatments available privately in New Zealand.


An illness can have a huge impact on your personal and financial well-being. Private medical insurance provides cover for elective surgery at a time that's convenient for you.

Having a choice of medical providers and access to immediate treatment takes the stress out of the situation, letting you recover faster.


Benefits of Medical Insurance


Treated Promptly

At a Convenitent Time & Location

With Your Choice Of Medical Provider


Medical Insurance

Provides Cover for











How does it Impact your Medical Insurance?


ACC is designed to cover accidents which all New Zealanders have access to. The role of ACC is to provide treatment and rehabilitation services for anyone who suffers an injury as a result of an accident. It does not cover anything that is not deemed to be an accident. However if your claim is declined by ACC, this is when your private medical insurer could pay you treatment costs.


Hospital Prices

How much can treatment cost?

We’re lucky to have a good public healthcare system in New Zealand, but if you develop a condition that isn’t life threatening, you might not receive the treatment you require straight away.

A recent survey found 73% of adults in New Zealand would not be able to afford elective surgery costing $5,000 or more. Even if your condition is not life threatening, not being able to receive the treatment you require straight away could have a huge impact on your life.  Beside are some indicative costs for common procedures.


Accuro Health Insurance Prices


Medical Insurance

Ensure you and your family are protected from the unexpected.


Oncology Treatment

You can call the shots.

Medical Insurance can also cover treatments for cancers and other treatable illnesses making sure you get the most comfortable treatment available.

Some cover is also available for drugs that are not subsidised by the pharmacy.  New cancer treatments are being developed constantly, private medical insurance gives you the ability to access these drugs without worry. 


Policy Payments

The higher the excess the lower the cost.


If your cover becomes too expensive please talk to us, there are solutions to help reduce the cost of your policy so you do not have to miss out on protecting your health. Instead of cancelling your policy, contact an advisor at Cartwrights to get the right advice.


Talk to an advisor

There are many reasons why you may take out medical insurance. Contact one of our advisors to help you through the process making sure you get the right cover for you and your families circumstances. Cover can be added for all members of your family including children.


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