Marine & Cargo Insurance

Whether you move cargo or own a charter vessel,  the marine insurance Cartwrights offers can help you. We can give you advice on the different marine insurance policies to give you the protection and security you need to keep your business risk to a minimum. 

 At Cartwrights we will make sure you receive the financial protection you need in the event that your vessel or marine cargo is damaged or lost. Many risk factors could result in an unforeseeable event, Our goal is to make sure you are covered for such things. Read on below to find out more about the covers we can offer. 


Marine Cargo 

Insurance cover for accidental loss or damage to goods being shipped by road, rail, air and sea.


Single Cargo Transit

Single Transit Cargo insurance is designed for one-off shipments. We can provide you with cover for most business goods or belongings you need to move.

We can cover items from household goods and personal effects to livestock and motor vehicles, wherever they need to go. Whatever you’d like to move, we have a range of cover options.

Regular Cargo Mover

If your business sends cargo regularly an annual policy will ensure that your always covered with out having to tell us each time you ship something. Talk to a advisor for more information about marine cargo.


Carrier's Liability

If you move cargo within New Zealand, we can provide cover for your legal liability.


This cover is suitable for transport businesses. It provides cover for businesses legal liability under the New Zealand CARRIAGE OF GOOD ACT 1979 for loss or damage to third parties goods in transit anywhere within New Zealand.


Even if you carry cargo on the basis of ‘Owner’s Risk’, if you have an accident and the cargo gets damaged you may still be liable for some cargo-related costs as the carrier. We can make sure any subsequent clean-up costs, Plus additional costs they you may incur will be covered. Contact one of our advisors to see if carrier's liability can help your business.


Hull cover

for commercial, charter and fishing vessels

Whether you’re a builder of boats, a charter boat operator, a commercial fisherman or a business with other commercial craft, we can provide you with a policy to meet your needs.


This insurance covers accidental loss and includes a range of additional benefits, such as salvage costs, wreckage removal and emergency towing. We can provide you with a cover that meets your businesses individual needs. Contact one of a advisors to learn more about hull cover.


Talk to an Advisor

For any questions about Marine Insurance contact one of our experienced advisors, We can take the risk out of your marine business, financially protecting your future. 


Further Commercial Insurance Options