Key Person Insurance

Provides cover for the main trader of a business

Having Insurance cover for a business's physical assets is something owners rarely think twice about, but insuring a key person is something that is often overlooked.


Smaller or medium sized business often have one or two key people that can put the company at risk if they're out of action. Key person cover pays for the cost of replacing a key member of staff if they are unable to work due to illness or injury; so the business can put measures in place to keep everything running.

A key person is someone responsible for generating income for the business. Having a key person fall ill or become seriously injured can have a major impact on a small or medium sized business. Key person cover provides essential revenue to a business when the key person is unable to work. 


Agricultural | Key Person Cover


Unlike most businesses, a farm cannot afford to stop operating in the event of a loss of a key worker.

Agricultural key person cover will pay you a monthly income if a key person is disabled and unable to work because of illness or injury, This cover allows you to replace that person and therefore keep the farm running. The financial consequences of a disability or extended illness could be devastating for your lifestyle and those that depend on you. Contact one of our advisors to see how we can put cover in place for you.

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Key Persons Insurance Provides


Monthly Income

Key person cover offers a monthly income source to help your business continue to run while you are recovering. The money can be spent employing a replacement or as a cash injection to keep the business running until you can return.



The amount of the monthly income source can be determined by you and your accountant or by your financial accounts.


Talk to an advisor

One of our experienced advisors can sit down with you and establish what the right cover would be to meet your business needs, to make sure all your key people are covered.


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