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Income Protection

The financial consequences of a disability or extended illness that prevents you working could be devastating for you and your family. Income protection insurance provides financial security if you become disabled as a result of a sickness or accident and are unable to earn your regular income. The Monthly benefit is designed to replace a significant portion of lost income to help maintain your usual lifestyle during treatment and recovery.


Your ability to earn an income is probably your most important asset.


Payments will resume Until medically fit


The amount you receive from income protection insurance  is yours to spend however you want.

Your claim will be paid until you are medically fit to return to work or your payment term expires. If you return to work but return only on light duties or reduced hours you may still be entitled to a partial payment.


Talk to an advisor


Learn more about how your can protect your income,  Income protection cover allows you to focus on your recovery without worrying about how to pay the bills or maintain your current lifestyle. Contact one of our advisors for more advice on how we can help you.


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