Wanting to buy or build a new house?


Cartwrights has access to major banks and lenders, including some of the smaller banking societies and other lenders to provide you with options when in comes to your finances. Our goal is to secure the right mortgage to fit your personal needs. 


Cartwrights can arrange mortgage lending to buy or build a new house.


Renovation | Moving | Building 


Assess each individual situation

We can assess your individual situation to help you get the best mortgage and benefits from your chosen lender. Cartwrights put the individual needs of their clients first making sure they have the right deal for their personal circumstances.


Cartwrights can advise you on how to release the equity in your property to buy an asset, consolidate debt, renovate or invest in other property.



Cartwrights can arrange any reports on behalf of our clients. We can organise the reports before you buy a property to make sure it is worth the investment.

No Bias

Our mortgage advisors receive salaries, so we have no bias between which lender is best. We are focused on the needs of each individual client and achieving their goals together.


Fixing Loans

Our advisors work on behalf of our clients to negotiate the best rates available from their lender of choice.

By fixing your loans at the negotiated rate we can make sure you take advantage of this rate for as long as possible locking you in for a set amount of time.  When this rate comes up for renewal we can re fixes it at a rate that suits you and your circumstances at the time of fixing.

Even if the rate you are wanting is with another lender we can help and support you through this change. Use an advisor to get the right rate for your personal circumstances, we have the skills and negotiation power to get you better rates then advertised.


Talk to an advisor

Getting you started on sorting out your finances is important, making sure you can pay off your debt in the most efficient way. To Learn more about how one of our advisors can help with your mortgage solutions, Contact us today.