Rural Liability

Covering the damaged caused to other peoples property.


Rural Liability insures you for any legal liability to the property of others or accidents in connection with your rural business. Rural Liability is very important as it protects you against repair or replacement costs.

Cartwrights can also arrange liability for contracting or contractors.


Rural Liability 




Animals can cause accidents on the road or escape and cause damage to your neighbour's property. These unfortunate events can be covered through rural liability if found negligent.



Forest & Rural Fires

Forest and rural fires is an extension of any standard general farm liability policy and provides you with cover if a fire was to break out on your farm and spread to another farm.


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In this day and age liability is a very important player. We work hard here at Cartwrights to make sure all bases are covered. Leaving you feeling protecting no matter what the circumstance. Contact us with your rural liability needs.


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