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 Farm interruption is an important cover for any rural businesses, particularly where farms would shut down if essential infrastructures like milking sheds were lost. This insurance helps keep your business secure if your farm assets are damaged from the following.


Assets Damaged  

Farm Interruption Insurance can help pay for expenses that arise as a result of an interruption in your rural business.


Natural Disaster

Fire, Flood or Earthquake.

Physical Loss

Key part of your Infrastructure is lost or shut down for an extended amount of time.

Financial Loss

This insurance covers the loss in turnover and increased operational costs from an interruption. This protection is necessary where farms could shut down for an extended amount of time significantly affecting livelihoods.


Talk to an advisor

Contact one of our advisors to assess your circumstances regarding your interruption needs.  Farm interruption is an Important cover for any rural business, securing  the unforeseeable risk. 


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