Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps protect the high risks within your modern business. There are no boundaries when it comes to cyber crime.


56 % of Kiwi Business were affected by cyber crime last year.

Any business that operates online is vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. 


Why Cyber Insurance?

Having a modern business means you are exposed to a variety of potential cyber risks. These risks can impact you financially, affect your customers or clients and damage your business reputation. Making sure you have a cyber risk plan and Cyber Insurance is key to get your business back up and running after a cyber attack or breach.


We can Provide Cover For

  • Privacy
  • System damage
  • Computer Virus, Transmission and Hacking
  • Multimedia Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Computer crime
  • Brand and personal reputation protection
  • Breach of Statutory duties
  • Extortion
  • Privacy breach notification and loss mitigation
  • Privacy fines and investigation

How to protect your business

 Businesses can protect themselves by looking out for email scams, by being cautious of emails from unknown senders, by taking care on social media and by only dealing with reputable institutions when trading online. For other tips on how protect your business see our blog. 

  • Use different passwords for every account and ensure they are strong
  • Back-up your business data regularly
  • Store backed up data off-site and check the data restore periodically
  • Keep antivirus software up to date, along with software patches and updates
  • Be conscious of personal information shared online
  • Know where cloud-based data is stored.

Is your business at Risk?

Contact one our advisors to discuss your cyber plan, We can help you assess the potential risks your business may have and advise you on how best to cover these risk before a cyber attack occurs.