What Relationship do you have with your broker?


As your circumstances change, your insurance needs might change also



There are three different relationship types



A broker gets you quotes, but you still do all the work.



A broker presents a recommendation, and you usually choose that.



A broker presents you with some choices, and you make the decision together.


Most customers are satisfied with the relationship they have with their broker

Customers use brokers for a lot of different reasons. If you're seeking a personal connection with someone who understands your business and has a personal connection with you, you might need a partnership relationship. If you're only using a broker to get access to better wordings, or to get cheaper insurance, you may only want a distant relationship.


As your business grows, your insurance needs might change


If you're a sole trader, you may only have a broker providing quotes for you to choose from. But as your business grows, your needs may increase and you may want to delegate more to your broker, or even develop a partnership relationship with them.

Growing your relationship with your broker as your business grows means that you'll have someone in your corner who knows your business inside and out, and can ensure that you're making the best decisions to protect what you've built. 

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