Key Person Cover, How it can make a difference for you!


Running a 172-hectare dairy farm requires an around the clock commitment.  Beyond the daily milking regime, there’s everything from fencing, machinery upkeep and weed spraying, to pasture maintenance, feeding and more.  Add to that seasonal demands like calving, and there’s very little down time for a dairy farmer.

So when  farmer John Steens suffered a major wrist injury, there was little doubt his ability to undertake daily farm management would be severely compromised.

“My wife helps out as necessary on the farm, but when you’re the key person, things are really difficult when you find yourself unable to do the usual tasks,” says John.

After an unsuccessful operation, John was faced with a further surgery which required a complete break from physical farm work.

Add to that the needs of four children, ranging in age from 12 to 19, and things were tough.

Some time back, John had taken the advice of his adviser and taken out Rural Key Person Cover with Fidelity Life.

Rural Key Person Cover pays a monthly income if a key person is disabled and unable to work because of illness or injury.   It recognises that, a farm cannot afford to stop operating in the event of a loss of a key worker. Rural Key Person Cover allows additional resources to be brought in and keep the farm ticking over.

With around 15 months out of action, John says the cover made a big difference.

“It was a huge help.  While my wife managed most of the milking, we were able to bring in additional people to help with fencing, weed management and other farm tasks.”

With the injury now behind him, John has enjoyed a return to full farm duties.

“It’s great to be back where I belong.”


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