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Simple tips to protect your jewellery


Jewellery can be worth much more than its monetary value. It’s often special, meaningful, and irreplaceable. And unfortunately, sometimes it gets lost or stolen.

We understand the impact this can have on our customers. But we’re not just here to make emotional assurances. We’re here to do what we do best: helping you recover as much of the financial value as possible if the worst happens.

That being said, there are a few simple things you can do to protect your precious jewellery from ever being lost or stolen in the first place.


Simple tips to protect your jewellery


Tell us about it

Contents insurance includes automatic cover for individual pieces of jewellery and watches.

If you have an individual piece worth more than your policy limit, or you have several pieces of jewellery that add up to more than your policy limit you need to tell us so we can add them to your policy. It will only take a couple of minutes.


Get it valued

Valuations help avoid disputes and make the claims process smoother, easier and quicker. Getting your jewellery regularly valued keeps everyone on the same page and avoids disappointment in the case of a claim. 

We recommend getting your high-value jewellery valued by a qualified valuer, appraiser or jeweller at least once a year and update your policy accordingly. It’s a good idea to keep your valuations in the same place as your policy.


Look after it

Jewellery can get damaged, particularly if you’re wearing it all the time. Things like stones falling out or claws and clasps getting damaged are particularly common. 

The best idea is to get your jewellery regularly maintained by a qualified jeweller. This is especially important if you know there’s something wrong with it – otherwise, it may not be covered if you need to make a claim.

In many cases, a jeweller will also be able to value your jewellery at the same time.

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