The value of an adviser at claim time


Professional Support at a time of need


As an insurance customer you may think the role of a financial adviser is to help you find the right insurance for you. But did you know financial advisers help take away the burden at claim time too?

Claims require evidence to be provided, which can sometimes be quite technical. Paperwork isn’t fun at the best of times, but when a family or individual is dealing with a life changing event, it’s good to have professional support and guidance through these tough times.

Here at Cartwrights we’ve had the privilege of being able to help with a number of difficult claims. When we see insurance do what it’s supposed to at the toughest moments of a customer’s life, it really does put into perspective the importance of the job we do to ensure our clients have cover and support in such untimely events.

One of the claims I’ll always remember was a 52 year old man with severe prostate cancer. This client had debated sometime prior to diagnosis whether he needed to continue his trauma cover but after discussing the importance of protecting his financial needs he agreed he needed to keep it.

After the client told us that he would need to have his prostate removed, and that he would have to wait up to three months to be admitted in the public system, we discussed getting a second opinion from a private urologist.

We arranged to begin his claim and spoke with one of the top New Zealand urologists to discuss options and contact our client.

The claim was approved and the money was paid to the client in less than two weeks.

Since the client had trauma cover, he got a lump sum payment that allowed him to get faster treatment and private care. Certain trauma policies pay you a one-off lump sum if you suffer a medical condition specified in your policy (like cancer, heart attack or stroke). There are no restrictions on how you can use the money, so some clients use it for healthcare costs, while others use it to allow time off work. Having the funds readily available meant our client was able to be treated by a private specialist in a private hospital.

We stayed in touch with the client and the urologist, and were delighted to hear of the client’s full recovery after successful treatment and surgery.

Our client is now a vocal advocate for the importance of insurance cover and the support an adviser can provide!

Article Brought to you through Fidelity Life and Cartwrights