Business Interruption

Covers you for the loss of income when your business has been interrupted as a result of an unforeseen event.


When your business suffers from an interruption, the financial impact can be greater than the physical one.

Financial obligations still continue when an interruptions occurs. Business interruption insurance helps to minimise that financial impact helping your business recover quicker from the unforseen event.


The unforeseen event could be

a Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Burglary or an Accident.


This insurance can be tailored to your unique needs, reimbursing a business owner for loss of revenue, profit or rents affected by damage to commercial property. This cover is aimed at keeping your business operational, and at the same financial trading position as before a loss. Examples of the most common claims we see are loss of profits after having to close temporarily due to a flood, increased operational costs due to having to leasing alternative premises and hiring equipment or loss of rent when tenants can't occupy a building. It's critical to ensure that your business can continue to trade while cash flow is reduced or nil after a loss.


Talk to an advisor

Many Business owners are unaware of the numerous risks within their business and the effects that these risks could have on their ability to keep trading should something unexpected happen. Here at Cartwrights we understand the need for Business Interruption Insurance, Contact one of our advisors to talk about how we can help you reduce your risks. 


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