Business Asset | Material Damage


Covers loss or damage to your commercial buildings, contents, plant, stock and other assets, from either fire, flood, burglary, earthquake or other unforeseeable events.


You cannot plan for unforseeable events to take place in business. However, it is possible to manage the risk of an event outside your control potentially happening. For any business, a loss in productivity impacts negatively on revenue.

Fortunately, Cartwright's advisors can help you by identifying the potential risks specific to your business. We will assist to design a personalised insurance package to meet the needs of your industry.


The physical loss can be covered under material damage policy. The loss due to a unforseeable event can be covered under a material damage policy.


For most businesses, commercial property and physical assets represent a significant capital investment. Protecting your business from these unforeseeable events can reduce your potential risk.  Examples of claims we often see include, impact from a wide range of contingencies, natural disasters and damage to stock and equipment.


Mobile Business Assets

If your business is mobile, we can arrange cover that protects you whilst you are on the move. Cover is typically for equipment, stock and physical loss or damage. Insurance can be arranged for where for wherever you may be in New Zealand and even when the items are in transit. Contact one of our advisors to find out more about how mobile business asset cover could help you.


Talk to an Advisor

To Learn more about how a business asset  |  material damage policy could protect your business, contact one of our advisors. We can individualise the cover to suit your business needs.


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